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Augmented reality is the new world, as more and more of us are shifting to the digital world, and it has opened new avenues of opportunities for people. Whether it is the business or those who are looking for a job, both the segments can reap a huge benefit from this segment. Amongst the different propositions the augmented reality holds for us, we will be focussing on augmented reality as a career choice, and why one should become an augmented reality designer.

 Who is an augmented reality designer?

Before you learn more about augmented reality and its different use cases, you must know who is an augmented reality designer. Although it sounds a fancy word, and the job looks very exciting, being an augmented reality designer requires a lot of crucial and analytical thinking along with technical knowledge. Having an eye for details is also very important.
Basically, augmented reality desired to specialize in design programs and demonstrations which look real. They work on different multimedia platforms and prepare algorithms and coding that creates images which are real. Augmented reality designers are required in different industries like government agencies, marketing, media and many other industrial segments. They can create designs that are next to real and help provide a realistic experience to the people. Apart from marketing and advertising, augmented reality also helps in enhancing the level of education.
Why should one look forward to becoming an augmented reality designer?
1.         Lucrative job opportunity- Well, if you have to choose a career with a promising future, you must look at a technology that holds prospects for the future, and augmented reality is in the list of those technologies. Since this technology will find use in different industries, people with augmented reality-designing expertise can find a job in all these segments.

2.         Greater pay- The next factor that makes augmented reality designers a great profession is the good salary that one earns from it. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be an increase in job prospects for augmented reality designers. There will be an increase of 4% jobs between 2018-2028. This growth is faster as compared to other occupations. As per the BLS report, in May 2019, the annual salary of multimedia artists and animators reaches $75,270. So, we can say that profiles like augmented reality hold great prospects of earning.

3.         Exciting job- If you have a creative mind and want to create something amazing, you need a job profile matching your creative requirement, and augmented reality offers this to you. With your creative and technical expertise, you can enjoy exciting projects every day.

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