What technology stack is Netflix built on?

If I ask you which is the most used OTT platform? Most of you will have Netflix as the first name popping in your mind, and why not, this platform has a huge customer base and serves more than 140 million hours of content per day. Have you ever thought about what goes in the backend, and why there is no delay when you search for content on Netflix? Well, it's all a result of the backend technology that forms the framework of Netflix. In this blog, we are going to dig a bit deeper into the digital architecture of Netflix.
The digital architecture of Netflix:
Netflix is the leader in providing OTT content; in fact, it is the name that most of us consider synonymous with OTT platforms.  To keep up the pace of providing the best online content to its users, Netflix has to provide the best and seamless flow of content. In 2018, Netflix used Dynamic Optimizer powered by AI to assess each frame of a video, and it then re-encodes and compresses its size without impacting the image quality.
It enhances the appeal of the video to the Netflix user, and it also helps in streaming quality video content across different platforms like smartphones and tablets without exceeding their monthly bandwidth capacity. All is because of the tech stack, which is used by Netflix.
Elaborating on tech stack:
Before you go ahead and understand what runs behind Netflix, you must know about the tech stack. Basically, it is a list of technology services used by any application. In this blog, we are focussing on Netflix. It uses different technologies like machine learning, AI, and others to enhance the customer experience.
In addition to the above-mentioned technologies, the Netflix tech stack also includes comprehensive libraries that smoothen the user-experience. It also has well-defined frameworks that act as the base for developmental processes.  The objective of this tech-stack is to provide a user-friendly platform where customers can easily access the content. To make this work favouring the user, Netflix uses Reactjs, the JavaScript UI library. It also uses NodeJS as a framework and WinJS to promote the development of its Windows application.
This was the basic information about tech stack used by Netflix. As technology continues to grow, we will also witness changes in the background of Netflix and other applications.
What's next?
Technological developments are growing, and we need tech experts who can help leverage these technologies for the business. If you are also willing to learn more of the tech stack like the one mentioned above, Global Tech Council is offering the right platform. You can develop your skills like machine learning expert, artificial intelligence expert, and learn about programming languages like Python.

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